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China 1080P MTV Board M12 Starlight HD Lens manufacturer
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1080P MTV Board M12 Starlight HD Lens & 3.0MP Scanning Projection Surveillance Lens

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Octavia Optics Technology Co.,ltd: Supply: CCTV Lens | Board Lens | M12 Mount Lens | CS Mount Lens | Fisheye Lens | Pinhole Lens | Megapixel Lens CCTV | Fixed Lens CCTV | Manual Iris Lens | Auto Iris Lens | Car Lens | ...
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The complete CCTV product line in the industry, manufactures mainly on kinds of CCTV lenses, from the blank glass to finished cctv lens. Could save lots of price cost. At the same time, Octavia also provide other lens ...
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Octavia Optics Technology Co.,Ltd. is professional manufacturer on cctv products field, specialized in manufacturing kinds of optical precision omponents and lenses. Our company has strong production capacity, in ...
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