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Production Line

cctv board lens, cctv lens auto, zoom lens cs mount

cctv auto zoom lens, c mount lenses, c mount lens adapter

c mount zoom lens, cctv zoom lens, cctv lens c mount

S mount lens, M12 lens mount, M12 lens holder

M12 lenses, Pinhole lens, Pinhole Board Lens

The complete CCTV product line in the industry, manufactures mainly on kinds of CCTV lenses, from the blank glass to finished cctv lens. Could save lots of price cost. At the same time, Octavia also provide other lens accessories, lens holder, ir filter, ir cut, camera, monitor, speed dome, controller, and all the necessary accessories for complete CCTV systems.


Offer a complete security camera system product as an O.E.M. manufacturer.


Production system mainly include:

1. Product development

2. Engineering and design-input

3. Material test and control

4. Production department

5. Finished product quality test



We have a professional engineer team focus on the technology designing of CCTV Lens, also provide a stop purchasing for CCTV Cameras, IR Filters, Lens Holders, Domes, Testers, IP camera, and other Accessories, etc. All the products are made under very strict quality management system, to make sure the faulty rate under 0.6%, main products passed CE, FCC, RoHS certifcation.